Amazing Truth Coming To Cannon Beach
Amazing Show - Amazing Truth
Saturday Evening: June 2nd - 7:00 PM (English)
Sunday Evening: June 3rd - 7:00 PM (Spanish)
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Everyone (including kids) will receive a free illusion to
take home and amaze their friends.

Some call it magic, but it's just an illusion... incredible illusion that will astound you.

See the impossible happen right before your eyes.

Amazing escapes, neither handcuffs nor a straight jacket can hold them.
Things appear... and disappear... or change...
You may even be asked to participate.

Yes, there is someone in that basket. And YES, that man
is sticking swords through the basket. You'll be
amazed at what comes out of the basket.

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Saturday evening June 2rd 7:00 PM (English)

Sunday evening June 3rd 7:00 PM (Spanish)



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