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Cannon Beach Bible Church July 2018July 2018 - LOVE! What is love and how does God love us?

How is God's perfect love different from our imperfect love?

Jesus said: "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command you." (John 15:13-14) and then He laid down His life, dying on the cross to purchase forgiveness for those who do what He commands. What did He command? That you believe in Him. That you trust Him to save you from the wrath of God against sin.

Do you have the right Jesus?Spring 2018 - If you have the wrong Jesus,
you have nothing.

How can anyone have the wrong Jesus? After all, Jesus is in the Bible. What other Jesus is there?

Jesus' disciples lived with Him, traveled with Him, ate with Him, and were taught by Him. Yet, the fact is they did not know Him. They believed in a Jesus who only existed in their imaginations. How could that be? Their desires dominated them... and their desire was for a Savior who was not at all like the real Jesus. They were putting their trust in their imaginations instead of reality. Are you doing that?.

"Call yourself a Christian if you want, but if you have the wrong view of God--you're a pagan!" You're a pagan! That's idolatry!" - R.C. Sproul

What should you believe?Spring 2015 - How do you know what is true? Is seeing believing?

Not really. It is very easy to trick your eyes. Just think about all of those optical illusions you've seen.

How do we normally learn about what has happened in the past? Through a written record. That's what the Bible is... and it is recognized by scholars as being accurate and realiable.

Article: Scholarly Agreement on Facts That Support Jesus’ Resurrection

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