Need services in Cannon Beach?

Rest rooms, laundry, or ice cream late at night?
Here's how to find them.


We are in the process of creating this page. Photos and maps, and more information, will be added as we have time.

Visitor Information Center - Located in the Chamber of Commerce building at the corner of Spruce and 2nd street.

Downtown Public Restrooms - Located across 2nd street from the Visitor information Center.

Midtown Public Restrooms - Located on Hemlock Street next to the American Legion building.

Laundry - coin operated washers and dryers are available at...

Bus Stops - There are both local buses (Tillamook, Seaside, AStoria) and a bus that goes to Portland twice a day.

Ice Cream Late at Night - most of the stores close by 6PM. The Mariner Market is open in the evening, and you can purchase pre-packed ice cream there. For an ice cream cone in the evening, try the Coach House located on the grounds of the Christian Conference Center.

Gasoline -

Vehicle Repairs or Towing - Gary's Service provides excellent quality work and service. They are located on Hemlock at the north end of downtown.

RV Parking -

Overnight RV Parking -

Camping -




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