Secret Cannon Beach Getaways
Hidden, Quiet Places For Reading,
Prayer, and Time Alone

The secrets of out-of-the-way places in Cannon Beach
revealed by a local resident.

(Need services in Cannon Beach? Rest rooms, laundry, or ice cream late at night? Here's how to find them.)

The beach north of Ecola Creek is usually much less crowded.


Cannon Beach is providing four beach wheelchairs that are available to borrow at no cost. Beach wheelchairs have extras that allow them to ride on top of the sand.

There will be two beach wheelchairs at Tolovana State Park and two beach wheelchairs at the Gower Street beach access. The Gower Street beach access should be used if you'd like to get close to Haystack Rock.


Get answers to the most common questions asked in Cannon Beach.


Cannon Beach Nature Trail - This is not a unknown, hidden getaway, but it is a pleasant way to walk from the north end of town to Haystack Hill State Park. This trail incorporates paved walkways, gravel trails, and walking on quiet residential streets. Signage along the way provides information about plants, animals and birds you may see.

North End - Watch The Sunset From Your Car - A wonderful spot where you can stay cozy in your car while you read a book, and wait for the sun to set.

North End - Sand Dunes - Find a comfortable spot in the grass and dunes. You'll be protected from the wind and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

James Madison City Park - An out-of-the-way, small city park in the quiet presidential area of residential streets. Enjoy time alone, or have a family picinic.

Haystack Hill State Park - A little-known state park completely within the Cannon Beach city limits. It is undeveloped, but there is a hiking trail and a viewing platform that provides an excellent overview of Haystack Rock.

Of course, there are times when you may not wish to avoid the crowds. There are reasons why people gather at certain places. If you want a spectacular sunset photo, then one location you may want to be at is on the beach near Haystack rock. End even if it is crowded, you can still get an outstanding photo. For Haystack Rock photos online, visit: To purchase photos of Haystack Rock, visit Gary's Service station in downtown Cannon Beach. That's right... Gary is an outstanding photographer. Tell him Cannon Beach Bible Church sent you.

The Deep Woods Getaway - Rarely Visted Hiking Trails

There are some hiking trails in Cannon Beach that even most local people do not know about. They are in the Ecola Creek Forest Reserve, located on the east side of Cannon Beach. (Note: the Forest Reserve may be closed at times of high fire danger.)

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