George MüllerGeorge Müller

A story of faith.

George Müller was an evangelist and the founder of Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol, England. Prior to this, if an orphan could not find a home with a relative, they either ended up on the streets or in the workhouse. Both were horrible.

Based on Christian principles applied to caring for orphans, during his lifetime Ashley Down cared for 10,024 orphans. They not only received food, shelter, and clothing, they received an excellent education that prepared them well for adult life.

George Müller accomplished all of this without once asking for donations or financial help, nor even making needs known. He totally depended on God to provide all that was needed.

Although this video does not show it, he was also a great evangelist, not only teaching the gospel and the providing a Bible education for orphans that was better than most Bible colleges today, but also every chance he had with anyone and everyone.

This documentary (with Spanish subtitles) tells the story of George Müller:

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