Are humanists irrational? Their reasoning is not logical nor based on reality, but they are acting in a very rational manner. If you do not want to be accountable to God, there are only two rational options: Deny God exists (the humanist approach) or create a god in your own image (Islam, Buddhism, Mormanism, JWs, etc.) But creating an alternative "reality" that only exists in your mind will not save you. Only Jesus can do that. Please, you know you are disobeying God, believe and trust that Jesus can save you from His justice. And He'll do it in a just and rational way.

Another Irrational Reason Humanists Reject The Bible

Is the following a contradiction in the Bible?

HUMANIST QUESTION: Genesis chapter 1 lists six days of creation, whereas chapter 2 refers to the “day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens.”

Six Day CreationHere is what Genesis 2:4 says:

This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made earth and heaven

People love to arbitrarily assign a meaning to the word "day" without considering the context. But, the meaning of the word day varies depending on it's context... and we can know that meaning. For example:

1) In my day we were polite and respectful.

2) It was a three day hike to the lake.

3) It took a full day to travel to Jakarta.

In each of the above examples "day" has a different meaning.

1) "Day" means some time in the past.

2) A three day hike could be a hike that started at 10 AM on Friday, and we arrived at the lake at noon on Sunday. So it included part of two separate days, and all day Saturday. So "day" might be referring to 6 hours on Friday, 10 hours on Saturday, and 3 hours on Sunday.

3) In this case "day" refers to 24 hours.

In Genesis chapter one we see the word "day" used with a number (one day, a second day, a third day, etc.) and this context tells us it is a 24 hour day. It is also used with the phrase "there was evening and there was morning" verifying that the context is that of a 24 hour day.

That is not the context of verse 2:4.

The context of 2:4 tells us that "day" in this case is not a 24 hour day. It refers to a time in the past, similar to example #1 above. Just as the first verse of Genesis summarizes all of creation, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." verse 2:4 is also a summary of creation. Both the day by day account of creation, and the focus on day six of creation, start with an overall summary.

So there is no contradiction.

Next question...

Genesis 1:2-3 claims that God created light and divided it from darkness on the first day; but Genesis 1:14-19 tells us the sun, moon, and stars weren’t made until the fourth day.

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