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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual GrowthThe following are some resources for spiritual growth. Bold links lead to pages that provide access to multple resources.

If you have a question or comment, please feel free to use our Got Questions page to send it to us. Questions and comments can be sent anonnymously, if you wish.

We're also happy to schedule a Bible study that addresses the specific questions you have. Please use the email address above to contact us to make an appointment. Bible studies can be for as little as one hour, for one time... it's up to you.

The above is a very important message from Paul Washer: Do you see God working in your life?

 Current Topics In America Today

   Homosexuality - (Ray Comfort's Audacity)
   Abortion - 180 the Movie (Turn From Abortion)
   Paul Washer - a shocking message about the condition of the church and of
      "Christian" youth.

 Apologetics & Evangelism - Video Categories

   Christian Growth - Sharing Your Testimony, The Gospel, and Missions
   Genesis & Creation - Dinosaurs, The Age of The Earth, and Evolution & Culture
   Truth - Is There Truth?, False Religions and False Teaching
   Evolution vs. God - There is no observable evidence supporting evolution.
      Evolución vs. Dios (Spanish Version)

New Testament - Videos

   The Jesus Film - the Gospel of Luke
   The Gospel of John - so that you may believe
   Book of Revelations - the apocolypse

 Biographies - Videos

   George Müller - A Story of Faith
   Jonathan Edwards - Sinners In The Hands of an Angry God
   Charles Spurgeon - the Prince of Preachers

  Spiritual Growth - Articles & Videos

   Knowing God's Will For Your Life (Article)
   Paul Washer - How To Lead Someone To The Lord (Video)
   Test Yourself, Are You In The Faith? (Article)

 Bible Study Methods - Videos

   Are There Unicorns In The Bible? - What can unicorns tell us about scripture?

 Other Videos

   Monday at the Movies -- Summer 2016: a different feature length film each week

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