Cannon Beach Bible Church

A Grace Advance Church

The Bible is central because it is God's Word given to us so that we can know we are sinners in need of God's Grace. And the Bible shows us that the only way is through Jesus Christ. It is only through God's grace that we're even here. It is only through the death and resurrection of the Son of God that we are at peace with God and have the hope of heaven.

The Church, (ekkl├ęsia) is a community of believers that is mandated by God as revealed in His Word. Church is God's designation for the assembly of people who are called by His name. As such, our course has been charted by God; our destiny has been planned by God; our members have been chosen by God; our purposes have been defined by God.

We trust you'll discover God's grace among us. Our prayer is that we'll live up to His name.

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Welcome to Cannon Beach Bible Church

We are located at the eastern end of East Hills Lane. The above photo shows what you'll see as you come into our parking lot.


Expository Preaching

We preach the Bible, verse-by-verse, skipping nothing, clearly explaining everything. At CBBC you'll get solid, Biblical teaching.

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What We Teach

Learn what we believe and teach.

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Sunday school is available for children five years old and younger. Each August we have a VBS with typically 45 to 55 kids attending. We have adult Bible studies and are actively involved in evangelism.

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Grace Advance

We are a part of Grace Advance, a ministry of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. This means we are lead by a Master's Seminary graduate who can call on Grace Advance resources to ensure the Word of God is faithfully taught, and the congregation is shepherded according to carefully cultivated biblical principles and practices.

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Evangelism and Outreach

We believe Matthew 28 and we DO Matthew 28. This is a photo of our 2018 Clatsop County Fair booth that used dinosaurs to get people's attention. The gospel is offensive, but we don't need to be offensive in presenting the whole truth of the Gospel.

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