Cannon Beach Bible Church
264 E. Hills Lane, Cannon Beach, OR 97110
(503) 741-9380

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We are located at Eastern end of East Hills Lane.

Note: Although Google may give directions indicating East Hills Lane connects to Hwy 101, this is not the case. We are not directly accessible from Hwy 101.

Directions From Hwy 101:

1) - Take the Sunset Street Cannon Beach exit off of highway 101. This is the second Cannon Beach exit when coming from the north on 101.

2a) - If you were coming from the North -- after exiting Hwy 101 you'll come to a stop sign. A very short distance after the stop sign take a left onto Spruce street. Go south on Spruce street.

2b) - If you were coming from the South -- after exiting 101 you'll go around a big curve, turning to the right, until you are heading west. When you come to Spruce Street turn left.

Note: The Cannon Beach History Center is at the intersection with Spruce Street. Turn south onto Spruce Street.

3) - Next take the second left to turn onto E. Hills Lane. Go to the end of the street. You'll be in the church parking lot.

Directions From Downtown Cannon Beach:

1 - Go south on Hemlock street. This is the main street that goes through downtown Cannon Beach.

2 - Go through the intersection with Sunset Blvd and continue to go south.

3 - Take the second left after Sunset. This is a gravel road called E. Hills Lane. Continue on E. Hills Lane until you reach the end. You'll be in the church parking lot.

Directions From Tolovana Park and Arch Cape

1 - Go north on Hemlock street.

2 - Go through the curves and up the hill.

3 - On the other side of the hill look for a small gravel road on the right, E. Hills Lane. (If you get to Sunset Blvd -- in other words if you see the Pelican Pub -- you've gone too far. Turn around.) Turn right onto E. Hills Lane and continue until you reach the end. You'll be in the church parking lot.