Cannon Beach Nature Trail

The view from Hatstack Hill State Park in Cannon Beach

Above: Looking at Ecola Creek from the Cannon Beach Nature Trail

Cannon Beach Nature Trail

The Cannon Beach Natural Trail not only provides a nice walk, it provides an easy walking trail that connects several quiet get-away spots in Cannon Beach.

The Cannon Beach Trail runs north-south on the eastern side (the side away from the ocean) of Cannon Beach. The northern end of the trail (shown in the photo to the right) is near the Elm Avenue bridge over Ecoloa Creek.

Walking south the trail follows Ecola Creek. There are several good fishing spots along this section of the trail, where salmon and trout may be caught.

The trail then goes along the eastern edge of the City Park, bringing you to Second Street. Cross the parking lot on Second Street and you'll come to sewage treatment ponds. Don't worry, they don't smell. The trail splits and you can either walk along the eastern or the western side (ocean side) of the ponds. These may be sewage ponds, but keep your eyes open, you may see some interesting wildlife.

Once you've passed the ponds you go up a slight incline and enter a small wooded area. This section of the trail is paved, and lighted, making it pleasant and easy to walk.

Cannon Beach Nature Trail Map

The southern end of the trail is on East Monroe Street.

From here you have several options. You can go one block west on Monroe, and turn north on Spruce and in one block you'll come to the James Madison City Park. If you'vev parked your car in downtown, continue north on Spruce street until you've returned to thedowntown area.

You can also go straight ahead, walking south and continue your hike to go to Haystack Hill State Park. To do this: as you come out of the woods continue walking straight ahead. You'll be on S. Elm Street. Go south on Elm street until you come to the end, then turn right onto E. Harrison.

Go one block (west) on Harrison, then turn left on S. Spruce Street.

Go one block (south) on Spruce, then turn right on E. Gower Street. Gower street has a divider in the center. Go to the sidewalk on the south side of Gower, then start walking west, toward the ocean.

In less than a block you'll come to a paved trail on your left. (See photo below.) Turn left onto that trail, following the Tsumani Evacuation Route sign. This is a short trail that will put you back on S. Spruce street. Continue walking south on Spruce, cross Sunset Blvd. and continue walking south. You'll go up a hill. Continue walking south even when it appears the road becomes a drive-way. You'll be in Haystack Hill State Park. Look for a trail at the SE corner of the end of the road.

From the north end of the Cannon Beach Nature Trail, through Haystack Hill State Park and out onto Harrison Street, is about a two mile hike. If you've parked your car in downtown, you can walk north on Harrison until you return to downtown.

Cannon Beach - Gower Street

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