Copying and Distribution of CBBC Audio & Video


You may link to audio files on gthe web site. CBBC videos are available on YouTube. You may link to them or embed them in your web site using the code provided by YouTube for embedding videos. YOU MAY NOT post (host) either CBBC audio or CBBC video on your web site, without permission. You MAY NOT create, use, or host edited versions of Cannon Beach Bible Church (CBBC) media without permission.

The Cannon Beach Bible Church logo, or graphics, may be used as a part of a clickable link that sends people to the sweb site.

Offline Distribution

You may duplicate and distribute CBBC and video messages in CD, DVD, and digital formats without prior permission as long as it complies with the following:

You may not include personal or organizational contact information on any of the CDs or DVDs. You may not use or reproduce the Cannon Beach Bible Church graphics or logo.

Cannon Beach Bible Church reserves all copyright protections under applicable law and we reserve the right to revoke or modify these permissions at any time.